what drives my passion for the food industry

What drives my passion for the food industry? I am not sure if a 700 word essay can truly do my passion justice, however, I am more than willing to give my best effort.  My love for food began at birth.  My father who was a chef at a high end restaurant, instilled what are my now core cooking values today. From de-veining shrimp to cracking eggs, I was a sous chef from the time I could stand on a chair.

As I grew up, so did my love for cooking.  Many a night were spent watching the host from Iron Chef take a bite out of the red apple, and watch master chef after master chef prepare out of this world meals with strange exotic ingredients. One of my goals as a child, which remains today, is to be on the Iron Chef show, and take Bobbie Flay on as a contender. (Hopefully he will still be on by the time I make it.) Not only is my passion driven by the countless Food Network shows that are pre-recorded on my DVR, but also from the self fulfillment enjoyed from watching friends and family appreciate my creative cooking.  Now a mother of two, I have taken my passion for cooking, and unleashed it upon my family. I refuse to buy a jar baby food, and have invested the time pureeing organic vegetables and fruits into fresh baby food.  My Fiance’ has become extremely spoiled with my weekly menu’s, which are planned and shopped for every Saturday of every week. I realized what an accomplishment it was to cook healthy  inexpensive meals, and started a blog, bargainrecipe.com. I now display these recipes to the world. It has been a really fun, exciting challenge to adapt unhealthy meals into collations that can be enjoyed without feeling guilty. As I look to the future, I am excited to broaden my cooking techniques using gastro-molecular cooking, and learn cuisines from different cultures.

 Over the past four years, I have tried to imagine myself in countless jobs and occupations, but nothing has felt right. Not until I recognized that  my passion for cooking, is my occupational calling. After entering the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Academy, I I finally made the right decision. I haven’t been able to stop smiling since I submitted my application and received my acceptance letter.  I realize to some 500 dollars may not be much, but to me, its a month worth of meals, a year of baby food, and acknowledgement that my passion is worth your investment. Regardless if I receive this scholarship, I know in my heart I will make the Le Cordon Bleu name proud.

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